Funny iPhone Stories That Are True

//Funny iPhone Stories That Are True

The iPhone is slowly taking over the world, but with total domination comes some amusing occurrences. Here are 5 funny iPhone stories that are unbelievably true!

1. The man who was nearly killed by his iPhone

American fitness freak Travis Gohr had a near fatal experience with his mobile phone. Mr Gohr was running on a treadmill as he did most mornings when his iPhone fell off, hit the surface of the treadmill and was flung back towards him. The phone hit him in the head at a considerable speed, causing him to lose balance and fall off the moving treadmill. The man suffered lacerations to his back and was nearly knocked out cold. Makes me think that an Apple a day does NOT keep the doctor away!!

2. The woman who got pregnant because of an iPhone app

Lena Bryce (not surprisingly another American) had been trying to conceive for four years, but had been unsuccessful. Then 2 months after downloading the Menstrual Calendar app on her iPhone she became pregnant. The iPhone app tells women when they are most fertile and it obviously did the trick. Lena named her baby daughter Lola, although maybe she should have taken a leaf out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s book and called her Apple. OMG two apple jokes in a row, that’s lame!

3. The teenage girl who sent 300,000 texts in a month

A teenager from Sacramento sent more than 300,000 text messages in one month, and surprisingly, she doesn’t have arthritis yet! Maybe thanks to the touch screen system. Crystal Wiski sent an average 10,000 text messages per day, which is 421 messages an hour, and 7 texts a minute! “I get cramps” she told One Black Goat. Can’t complain though, I love a girl who is good with her fingers! We never found out just how much her phone bill cost. If she had unlimited texting I’m sure she would have been getting pretty close to breaching the providers Fair Go policy!

4. The orchestra that uses iPhones instead of instruments

The Apple iPhone has become the musical instrument of choice for a university orchestra in Detroit, Michigan. The ensemble has foregone using normal instruments in their orchestra in favour of musical applications downloaded to their iPhones. The iPhones are attached to speakers and provide a combination of familiar and weird sounds. The instruments also use the phone’s GPS and digital compass which are built in, and detect which way the phone is being held to produce a certain note specific to whether it’s being shaken or tipped. Ah the future!

5. The man who survived the Haiti earthquake thanks to his iPhone

The Dan Wooley was making a movie in Haiti when the devestating earthquake struck the poverty-stricken region. The US filmmaker was crushed by a pile of rubble but learnt how to treat his wounds using an iPhone first-aid app. Called Pocket First Aid and CPR the app gave him instructions on how to make a bandage and tourniquet for his leg, and how to stop the bleeding from a wound on his head.

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