Difference between dwarf and midget

//Difference between dwarf and midget

Midgets and dwarfs are well known across the entire world and everyone has had an experience with the “little people” at some time in their lives. But far fewer people actually know the difference between these two small phenonmenons, which is why it’s time more people did.

Dwarfism is most commonly caused by achondroplasia, which results in disproportionately sized arms and legs. Officially, the term “dwarf” is generally used to describe a person with a medical or genetic condition resulting in an adult height of 4’10” or less.

The term “midget” is sometimes used to describe a proportionate dwarf. In other words, midgets are proportionately small all round. Since it has bad associations with old circus freak shows, the term is not very politically correct these days. This doesn’t alter the fact that there are some amazing midget facts, which I will present to you now:

  • If You Are Under 5 Foot Tall, Then You Are Legally A Midget.
  • When Midgets Reach 30 They grow Rapidly, It Is Not Known Why.
  • You Can Fit Over A Hundred Midgets In A Mini.
  • A Midgets Genitalia Are The Same Size As Tall Persons, So Ratio Wise They Are Huge.
  • The Shortest Man In The World Is India’s Gul Mohammed, Height Is 22 Inches Tall.
  • Apparently Midgets Hate Been Called, Shorty, Midget, Titch, Squirt, Action Man, Polly Pocket, Gary Coleman, Mini
  • Most Midgets refuse To Wear Childrens Clothes, Therefore They Spend Hundreds Of Pounds, On Having Clothes Made For Them.
  • A Midget Eats As Much Food As A Normal Man, But Cant Eat As Much At One Time.
  • Midgets Suck At Basketball!!!
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