Amusing Onesie Photos

//Amusing Onesie Photos

Onesie pyjamas are a fashion statement that are coming back into popularity. Since Wilfred the dog became a hit TV show both in Australia and internationally, it is now cool again to dress in a onesie.

Here are our favourite amusing photos:

Clear a path, the tigers are coming!

Would anyone like to take my virginity?

I’m not crazy, I’m just a weiner!

I hope that’s a Joey in your pocket, or I’m outta here!

If I shit myself it’s gonna end up on my face!!

Someone take this stupid thing off me! What if the nayyyyyybours see?

Onesie Direction! Seriously girls, you still want to sleep with us? Seriously?

If we all stand perfectly still, the warden mightn’t see us and throw our comfy asses back in jail!

So many sad people in such a small place!

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